Industrial Products Supplier for OEMs

Along with our core business, engicom has become a well-known supplier of components for OEMs that benefit from continuous improvement and a lean supply chain.

In-house R&D developments

While cooperating with customers on the development of their products, engicom has researched and developed its own advanced mechanical solutions to solve their specific needs.

This experience has allowed engicom to become a leading supplier of innovative solutions, usually involving state-of-the-art technologies.

As a result, engicom has both the innovation capacity of an engineering services company and the control of its products like a production company.

+ Continuous improvement throughout its lifespan

Leading the development of these innovative ideas, engicom gathers extensive know-how on solutions which, in the end, bring about continuous improvements throughout the whole product lifespan, while improving our partner’s overall satisfaction.

Advanced Mechanical Components

engicom develops and manufactures mechanical components, usually involving multiple technologies and manufacturing methods, in order to simplify the supply-chain of our customers and at the same time to meet the requirements for continuous improvement.

Main facts
  • Simplified supply chain: only one reference
  • Quality management and assurance
  • Ongoing product improvement

Carbon Fiber - Aluminium Hybrid Solutions

engicom develops and manufactures easy-to-integrate lightweight solutions suited for industrial applications where both cost and reliability are as important as performance.

Main facts
  • Lightweight industrial solutions
  • Turn-key developments
  • Multiple manufacturing technologies


Carbonspine® stands for CFRP reinforced extruded aluminium and it is a cost-effective lightweight innovative hybrid solution specially suited for large parts.

Main facts
  • Uncontested cost-performance compromise
  • Keeps aluminium ease of assembly
  • Specially conceived for long structures
  • +Info:
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